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The Bedroom Super Producer

October 06, 2017 1 Comment

The Bedroom Super Producer

The Bedroom Super Producer is the #1 book if you want to start earning money from your music while staying comfortably athome. It's also a lot more than just that. Allow me to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

My Story

Before earning six figures online making music, I was like everybody else: I hated my day job, wanted out, but most importantly, had music dreams. Big dreams. Allow me to tell you my story, as I'm sure, it'll inspire you to get on the path of The Bedroom Super Producer, with JT, your broducer.

Inside The Book

You gotta crawl before you ball. It's all about fundamentals baby. So here's what you'll learn in this wonderful little yellow paperback:

  • How to change your mental approach to business and music
  • Where to sell your music
  • Understand contracts and licensing
  • How to create music that sells to content creators
  • Develop a strong workflow to go from hobbyist to music powerhouse
  • What tools do the pros use to sound great out-of-the-box
  • Mixing and mastering tips to create broadcast-sounding music
  • Songwriting tips to counter the lack of inspiration
  • Tips to create multiple streams of automated income
  • Tips to create a healthy lifestyle that sustains creativity day after day

1 Response


October 31, 2017

Hi. I`m trying to buy this book on amazon, but I use paypal with no credit card asocciated. I can`t even buy a gift card because that is only for people who lives in USA, but I am from Chile. How do I purchase this book with no amazon??? Thank you!!!

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