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I don’t know what kind of music sells...

October 15, 2019 2 min read

I don’t know what kind of music sells...

When I started to sell my music online, I was lucky enough to be in a niche that wasn’t too crowded. Back in those days, hip-hop wasn’t big in the stock music world. And yet, it was the most visited section of the online library I was working with.

Very quickly, I became one of the best-selling artists in that genre. I have to repeat it: I was fortunate. It was only years later that I understood what content creators were looking for.

So in this video, let’s talk about what kind of music you need to produce to get stock music sales and TV/film syncs. 

Back in the day, U2 and Coldplay knockoffs were a staple of production music. This very bland style of corporate music was flooding all libraries. Then digital video became mainstream, fast internet connections became mainstream, and before long, anybody with a business needed music for their youtube videos. Corporate videos weren’t reserved for huge corporations anymore.

This leveling of the playing field actually opened many doors for composers of all styles.

Nowadays, you simply have to play the latest Apple or Samsung ad to see that there aren’t any style restrictions anymore. Experimentation and innovation are actually welcomed and rewarded in this new era!

So with that being said, how does one create a new style that will have the double-whammy effect of setting them apart AND creating more sales?

Here is a list of tips to create a musical niche that will help your online sales:


1- Write anything like it’s pop music

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it catchy


2- Highlight production techniques you master

  • Are you great at drum programming?
  • Are you a sound design god?
  • Do you master an instrument?


3- Create unusual combinations

When A&R and superstar producers talk about originality, they usually make it seem like “being original” is about creating music that’s never been heard before.

I mean… yes and NO.

The simplest way to be original is to combine things that haven’t been combined before.

Cuban music and trap drums.

Songwriter guitar licks with EDM drops.

Combine modern styles you master and fuse them with pop music writing techniques.

Tone it down and add a lighter, corporate touch.


4- Focus on sound music writing

With technology moving at such breakneck speeds nowadays, it’s easy to get lost in the technical aspect of music. But perfect compressor ratios and reverb times will never trump well-written music.

Always make sure your chords create emotion, and your melodies are easy to remember.

There’s actually a significant resurgence of what I’m describing in the EDM world right now. If it weren’t for the crazy drops, you wouldn’t be able to tell a regular pop joint from an EDM chart-topper by merely hearing the first few bars.

There’s something to learn about that.


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