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False: You Need To Be A Marketing Expert To Sell Beats.

January 29, 2020 2 min read

False: You Need To Be A Marketing Expert To Sell Beats.

Did you search online for ways to make it as a full-time music producer?

Do you find yourself always being sold a marketing course?

If you’re like I was at the beginning of my career, you want to focus on what you’re passionate about: music.

Not copywriting.

Not paid traffic and ads.

Not social media tactics.


Now I’m not knocking marketing. I think all the high-income skills I have just listed are fantastic to add to your arsenal at some point.

But when you start, I find it easier to build momentum by doing what you’re most proficient at: making great beats.

So the strategy I used when I got started was to find people to do the marketing and selling for me. Obviously, everything of value has a price tag attached to it.

If you’re familiar with my work, and my book “The Bedroom Super Producer”, you know that I advocate starting your beat-selling business using the power of music marketplaces.

There are TONS of websites on the web that are ready to sell your music to serious customers RIGHT NOW.

The idea is to understand the following:

  • What you are good at (what makes you an extraordinary music composer)
  • What their customers need
  • What type of music sells on these platforms
  • How can you combine your unique gift and the kind of music that sells to create a niche where you have little to no competition

Once you have figured these things out, your sales should pick up.

You won’t go from zero to a hundred overnight.

It’s a process.

But what is incredible about this method is that you start automating sales. Passive income allows you to stop trading time for money. So if you get monthly sales from one or several of these online platforms, guess what?

That’s additional time you can spend on developing the rest of your business!

  • Drum kits
  • Synth presets
  • Composing services
  • Mixing services
  • Mastering services
  • Custom beats for artists
  • Online courses

So again, you don’t have to learn marketing when you start your beat-selling business. Partner with established players and create multiple streams of automated musical income.

Start small and start slow.

When momentum starts to pick up, THEN you can start taking more control over your sales process.

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