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How to make Dr. Dre Pianos

December 04, 2014

How to make Dr. Dre Pianos

If you've tried to make your piano tracks sound like Dr. Dre and DJ Khalil but always end up frustrated because they sound stale and lifeless compared to your heroes, you've come to the right place! In this video, JT will show you how to program and tweak programmed piano lines to achieve aggressive and intense results, just like the ones you loved so much on songs like "Kush" and "Still Dre".


(0:17) Step #1
Choose a virtual piano that has body in the mids and lows, and attack and clarity in the highs. Make sure the patch has round robin!

(1:21) Step #2
Program a simple piano line and tweak the MIDI information to give more life to your playing.

(3:04) Step #3
It's time to fool around with the controls (EQ and dynamics) to get the most detailed sound possible. Boosting the low end will often reveal interesting body characteristics!

(3:45) Step #4
EQing and compressing the piano to bring the life out of this b....

(4:58) Step #5
Adding effects to give our piano the final touch.

(7:50) Step #6
Making a beat. See how we can start from this very simple piano line and create an original composition of our own.

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