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How to Make Dr. Dre Snares

November 26, 2014 1 min read

How to Make Dr. Dre Snares

In this video, JT shows you how it is possible to take about any snare and transform it into a powerful Dr. Dre-sounding snare. With just the right amount of EQ, compression and/or limiting, you can achieve sensational results, regardless of the DAW you're using. It's all about the right fundamentals, practice and... your EARS!

(0:27) Step #1
Analyze the frequency response of your favourite snares.

(1:46) Step #2
Create an EQ curve that will help match the frequency response of the first snare.

(4:22) Step #3
Compress your snare to control dynamics, as well as highlight the mids (to make it thump!).

(6:56) Step #4
Use a limiter to control the sound even more, to reduce harshness and to boost mids and lows.

(7:51) Step #5
Add a subtle touch of reverb (tempo-based decay time) to give a fuller sound.

(8:57) Step #6
Make a beat with your newly crafted snare and get a secret tip on how to get a phatter, grittier master out.

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