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How to Make Dr. Dre Snares

November 26, 2014

How to Make Dr. Dre Snares

In this video, JT shows you how it is possible to take about any snare and transform it into a powerful Dr. Dre-sounding snare. With just the right amount of EQ, compression and/or limiting, you can achieve sensational results, regardless of the DAW you're using. It's all about the right fundamentals, practice and... your EARS!

(0:27) Step #1
Analyze the frequency response of your favourite snares.

(1:46) Step #2
Create an EQ curve that will help match the frequency response of the first snare.

(4:22) Step #3
Compress your snare to control dynamics, as well as highlight the mids (to make it thump!).

(6:56) Step #4
Use a limiter to control the sound even more, to reduce harshness and to boost mids and lows.

(7:51) Step #5
Add a subtle touch of reverb (tempo-based decay time) to give a fuller sound.

(8:57) Step #6
Make a beat with your newly crafted snare and get a secret tip on how to get a phatter, grittier master out.

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